K. Lark

Welcome one and all,

To the latest… the greatest… decently o.k. ramblings of an almost author. I have the will and a daily word count. What else does a writer need?

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Photo by Axel Vandenhirtz from Pexels Fourteen days. I recounted the tallies on the wall, picking at the padding to add a diagonal. Fifteen days. If time flies when fun is involved, it drowns when there’s nothing to do. I convinced myself boredom killed time on my first day. I thought it may do theContinue reading “Descent”

Murphy’s Law

Photo by One Shot from Pexels Murphy’s Law states, “Everything that can go wrong, will.” ~*~*~ “It’s so lovely to meet you!” She said it in a way that immediately made him feel special like a long-lost family member who saved the world or was secretly rich. He felt important… and confused. She handed himContinue reading “Murphy’s Law”

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